client testimonials

Top 1% of patent attorneys

“Bob Fish is an author, professor, and protector of ideas. He is an inventor himself and understands the big picture when dealing with patent prosecution. Bob is strategic, methodical, and business oriented; and his fees are reasonable. Drafting an effective claim is difficult, yet Bob has helped me understand the importance of the big picture and how nuanced drafting an effective claim really is.  I have worked with Bob to draft 3 provisional patent applications, and file 1 utility application over the course of my time as a client, to protect my business and ideas. I consider Robert Fish to be in the top 1% of patent attorneys, and I highly recommend the services of Fish IP Law.

Douglas Pauley, Founder and Innovator of Out of the Box Audio, LLC

An integral part of our company and the success of our growth

“I have been a client of Robert Fish for going past eight years. My company designed and built the world’s first all composite classed foil assisted passenger ferry (204 Pax capacity) The development and our experience with composites lead us down the path of alternate and sustainable energy from which we developed all composite power generators and vertical axis wind turbines.

Fish IP has been with us from the start structuring our IP in chemistry, aerodynamics/hydrodynamics and power generation. Their understanding of technical and engineering aspects in such diverse fields are second to none. Their ability to guide , protect and maintain our IP has made them an integral part of our company and the success of our growth.”

Magnelan Energy
Rudolph O. Science and engineering officer.


Bob Fish is a “True Genius”

“I am a corporate attorney with clients having needs regarding their intellectual property.  I have been in practice over 40 years.  My partner and I stick to our core business and refer out specialized matters, such as intellectual property matters.  I used another firm earlier on in my career.  But, having met Bob Fish about 20 years ago, I have referred these matters to Bob and his associates.
Most of the matters are somewhat typical and those go to the associates.  However, because I consider Bob Fish to be a true genius, quickly grasping very sophisticated concepts, I start with Bob on those matters and let him assign the tasks, if needed, as he sees fit.
My business clients have been quite pleased with this arrangement and have thanked me for introducing them to Fish IP Law.”
Carl Agren
Attorney at Law

Professional, responsive, knowledgeable and efficient!

“I have had the pleasure of working closely with Bob Fish for over a year now. Bob is professional, responsive, knowledgeable and efficient; his work is always on-budget and on-time. I appreciate the fact that he is easy to contact, always available to answer queries and respond to emails promptly. He is very highly recommended.”


Going above and beyond

“Working with Fish IP has been a pleasure as they go above and beyond to ensure our patent applications and responses have strong claims, rationale and references.” 

Aaron Horvath | CEO
Mobilize Solutions

High level of support and creativity

“I have worked with Bob and his team for 18 years. As a long-term client, we are happy with the high level of support and creativity that Bob and his team are providing to their clients.  There were a few occasions when we needed urgent help, and Bob’s team pulled in all their resources to get the job done on time, and we deeply appreciate their supportive efforts.”

Johnson Lau, MBBS, MD, FRCP
Chairman and CEO

Bob and his team are high octane intellectuals innovators who create value.

The team at Fish IP Law are truly intellectual innovators.  I have worked with many attorneys over the last 25 years, but Bob and his team are the standard of excellence in IP Law.  Over the last 8 years, Bob has worked with our innovation teams, and one thing that we really appreciate is that he shoots straight. For years he and his team, instead of running down expensive rabbit trails, he has weeded through many ideas that are not patentable and didn’t waste our resources. Instead, he identified then helped our company make the most of real commercial opportunities that resulted in multiple issued patents.  In summary, Bob and his team have create tremendous value for our company and shareholders.  Also, on a personal note, Bob has been a true fried and has demonstrated unwavering support through the ups and downs any innovator will experience.  His passion to see us succeed and commitment level are rare gifts that our company doesn’t take for granted.   

Evan Parker
NanTrak Industries

Very responsive and flexible to our client’s needs

“We met Robert several years ago at INTA annual meeting and have been working with him since then.  
We have found Robert and his team to be very responsive and flexible to our client’s needs.We hope to work mutually on many more assignments.”

Dr Niti Dewan
Patent & Trade Mark Attorney
Head of Patents & Business Development


Extensive Background Knowledge

“As with most technology businesses today our IP portfolio is one of our most critical assets.  This is exactly why we  work with Fish IP Law – they hit all the marks in respect to experience, knowledge, professionalism and innovation.  Where they really excel however is the extensive background knowledge they have  beyond the law – physics, engineering, applied materials you name it – this is one smart group of people.  They can relate and understand our innovations at a level that you don’t always find in a IP firm and that makes them more than just a resource – it makes them an invaluable part of our team. “

Chris Almida
Chief Operating Officer
Torus Tech

Looking forward to learning more with Bob and Fish IP Law®

When Bob came to China for the first time in early 2018, he saw roads, airports, patent folks, and his old friend Uny Cao –that’s me, a client for more than a decade and an intellectual pal. My career arc from a technologist to someone who holds a job in the intellectual property industry, was largely because I met Bob and learned patenting as a technologist. These days with China’s deepening appreciation of intellectual property, I very much look forward to learning more from and working more with Bob and Fish IP Law®, with an enlarging circle in China of patent agents, attorneys, technologists, startups and investors.. “

(In Chinese)


Uny Cao
Vice President, Zhejiang Intellectual Property Exchange Center Co., Ltd.