The gallery of Colorized Patent Drawing’s is the latest collection of Fish IP™ art. These colorful diagrams are derived from original patents, many of which we find in our everyday life, and transformed into vibrant works of art. Each week, new pieces will be added to the growing collection.


agriculture and farm tools





Method and apparatus for presenting personalized content relating to offered products and services
Fact Checking Using and Aiding Probabilistic Question Answering
Profile page with biographical summary for social networking system user
Sharing television and video programming through social networking
Systems and methods for fabricating products on demand
US9750440B2 - Method and system for providing data management in data monitoring system
US10015630B2 - Tracking people
US20070179968A1 - Information registry
US20080021818A1 - Peer-To-Peer Electronic Marketplace For Advertising
US20140278848A1 - Weather-triggered marketing
US6035294A - Wide access databases and database systems
US6195652B1 - Self-evolving database and method of using same
US6238290B1 - System and method for scheduled delivery of a software program over a cable network
US6594761B1 - Tamper resistant software encoding
US06678714 - Computer-implemented task management system
US06842891B2 - Dynamic attributes for distributed test framework
US7177798B2 - Natural language interface using constrained intermediat
US8185435B2 - Methods, for facilitating cont
US8185592B2 - Method and program product for preventing distribution of
US8272961B2 - Asynchronous challenge gaming